Pennsylvania History- 1791-1815, New Nation (21 collections)

  • Boundary Survey Accounts (PA) 1782-1810

    Collection of accounts of boundaries surveyed include Delaware River Jurisdiction, the Northern Boundary, the Virginia Boundary, the Western Boundary, and the Wyoming Controversy with Connecticut. Detailed more

  • County Officers’ Accounts (PA) 1782-1809

    This collection contains account records of payments authorized by the Comptroller General's office for services rendered by such county officers as sheriffs, prothonotaries, and clerks of more

  • County Tax Accounts (PA) 1781-1808

    A record of county tax accounts. Information about each county includes detailed quotas of taxes owed by each county, listing of effective supplies and the amount more

  • Depreciation Certificate Accounts (PA) 1781-1792

    Contained within the accounts files are dated Depreciation Interest Certificates, 1782-1787, which normally list the name and rank of the soldier, the military organization to which more

  • Forfeited Estate Accounts (PA) 1777-1809

    A record of persons whose estates were seized because of their allegiance to the British crown during the Revolutionary War, and for other sundry reasons. Data more

  • Funded and Unfunded Debt Accounts (PA) 1790-1809

    This series contains numerous folios, with detailed information, relating to the debt of the Commonwealth. Contained within these records are accounts of depreciation certificates, when they more

  • General Correspondence (PA) 1776-1809

    This series includes letters, reports, notes, drafts of letters and accounts, and copies of taxation acts dating from 1776-1809. The majority of the correspondence comes from more

  • Indents Delivered to the Treasurer (PA) 1793

    A joint effort between Register General John Donaldson and Comptroller General John Nicholson to provide state debt data to the Treasurer. Six columns divide the data more

  • Indian Commissioners’ Accounts (PA) 1784-1792

    This collection contains an inventory of goods delivered to various Indian nations in the Commonwealth, as well as promissory notes to these nations for the purchase more

  • Internal Improvements File (PA) 1777-1809

    This series includes account ledgers and receipt books of supplies bought for the various internal improvements. The names of the commissioners presiding over the building projects more

  • Journals (PA) 1799-1808

    This series consists of two journals which record the warrants issued by the Comptroller Generals Office during the above listed dates. Entries for each warrant might more

  • Memoranda Book (PA) 1791

    A list of people who owed money to the Comptroller-General, the amount of money outstanding, when the account was settled, the date it was submitted to more

  • Militia Exemption Books (PA) 1801-1813

    This series provides information about men exempt from militia duty. Data provided for each regiment includes the number of the regiment, the county to which it more

  • Settlement Registers (PA) 1792-1794

    These registers verify that the accounts payable by the state were indeed settled. In five columns is the following data: account number, payee, reason for payment, more

  • Statement of Public Accounts Book (PA) 1790-1791

    This series contains several lengthy public account statements. The monetary value in these records is based upon Bills of Credit which were issued during the following more

  • Unidentified Indexes (PA) Day Books, and New Loan Accounts, 1780-1809

    Identified indexes include indices for Day Books, New Loan Accounts, and Revolutionary War transactions. Other indexes which are not labeled give names and page number, certificate more

  • Warrant Books (PA) 1789-1794

    A record of the warrants paid and issued by the Commonwealth through the Office of the Register General. Most relate to salary, pensions, and state debt more

  • Warrant Books (PA) 1791-1808

    This collection contains the warrants issued to people in lieu of money, and compiled together after being redeemed for specie when the state was able to more

  • Warrant Registers and Index (PA) 1782-1807

    This series contains several warrant registers which list information about warrants that the state issued in lieu of money which it may have owed to government more

  • Waste Book Indexes (PA) 1776-1792

    Images of two index volumes documenting the names mentioned in Waste Books, 1776-1792, which is also digitized. In one volume, the folio number of where the more

  • Waste Books (PA) 1776-1792

    A record of state monetary transactions relating to the payment and settlement of public money, kept for the purpose of auditing, liquidating and adjusting Commonwealth accounts. more