Pennsylvania History- 1917-1945, World Wars and Great Depression (21 collections)

  • Council of National Defense and Comm of Public Safety (PA) Scrapbooks, 1917-1920

    Collection of newspaper clippings, press releases and memoranda detailing the activities of and promoting the ideas of the Council of National Defense and the Committee of more

  • Department of Justice (PA) Board of Pardons Books, 1874-1934

    This collection contains Board of Pardons reviews of criminal cases, except impeachment, to determine whether clemency should be recommended to the Governor for his or her more

  • Farm Census Returns (PA), 1924, 1927

    This collection contains annual assessment reports for the Triennial Farm Census as completed by the local assessor for each borough or township. Information provided by the more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Accounts, 1925-1940

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains Baldric purchase reports for clan supplies, as well as bills, checks, and receipts for food and uniforms. Details of members' financial more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Correspondence, 1922-1929, 1932, 1934-1940

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains official documents, such as Imperial Kligrapp appointments, applications for reinstatement of former Klansmen, as well as appeals for admission, are provided more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Files, 1923-1940

    This collection contains series grouped by subject and then chronologically, of various papers, election returns, rosters, publications, and applications detailing Klan operations. The rosters and election more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) Kleagle Robe Reports, 1924-1925

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains reports listing Kleagle robes ordered, address, date, location of Klan, quantity of Klansman's and Terror's robes and helmets ordered, as well more

  • Medical Licenses (PA) Record, 1912-1964

    This collection contains copies, arranged chronologically and thereunder numerically by license number, of medical licenses designated by law to be retained in the archives of the more

  • Secretary of Agriculture (PA) Scrapbooks, 1918-1940

    This collection of news clipping scrapbooks provide information on topics such as crop estimates, increases, declines, and total yield in production; statistics on crops, livestock, orchards, more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) Examination Applications, 1915-1951

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains the applications submitted by motion picture film companies requesting the Board of Censors to review their films. The application gives the more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) General Correspondence, 1924-1956

    This collection contains correspondence, arranged alphabetically by subject, received and sent by the Board of Censors chairman and members. Also included are a few legal briefs, more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) Legal Briefs, 1915-1921, 1928-1940

    This collection contains appeals, replies, briefs, orders and correspondence, arranged chronologically, filed by motion picture companies, the State Board of Censors, the attorney general and the more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) Minutes, 1939-1956

    This collection contains minutes, arranged chronologically, documenting the daily activities of the Board of Censors reviewers. Information contained in the minutes provides the name and manufacturer more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) Reports, 1925-1951

    This collection contains annual reports, arranged chronologically, submitted by the Board concerning prosecutions of violations; the sale of substituted approval seals; budget allotments; the number of more

  • State Board of Motion Picture Censors (PA) Rules, Procedures, Forms, 1915-1956

    This collection contains a wide variety of documents,l arranged by subject, providing insight into the Board's operating procedures. Among the materials present are Fines, 1919-1947, that more

  • State Police (PA) Descriptive Books of Troopers, 1906-1939

    This collection contains records of persons employed as State troopers by the Commonwealth. Entries list the person's name, identification number, age, birthplace, race, height, hair and more

  • State Police (PA) Strike Reports, 1936-1941

    The collection, arranged chronologically by start of strike date, includes records contained in individual reports include police endorsements of special duties assigned to troops to investigate more

  • State Police (PA) Troop Reports, 1906-1930

    This collection, grouped by troop and arranged thereafter chronologically, contains semiannual reports for Troops A, B, C, and D as issued to the superintendent of the more

  • Turnpike Comm. (PA) Engineering, Cross-Section, Plan, Profile Drawings, 1939-1964

    This collection contains original drawings executed in the field relating to rights-of-way and grading of the Original Section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and its subsequent extensions. more

  • Turnpike Comm. (PA) Engineering, Field Survey Notebooks, 1938-1971

    This collection contains notebooks executed in the field for the construction of the Turnpike, and is arranged by construction contract number, the volumes chronicle the planning more

  • World War 1 Posters (PA) 

    World War 1 Posters (PA) 

    This collection is of World War I era posters of varying size, color and medium pertaining to the U.S. and Pennsylvania. The posters are manufactured for more