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Request POWER Library Training

  • At this time POWER Library training is only offered virtually. We will update this notice when we are able to resume accepting in-person training requests.

    District Library Centers, Library Systems, and School Districts may request POWER Library Training pending the following guidelines and requirements.
    1. Some level of cost-sharing may be expected for HSLC to send a trainer to an in-person event. Examples include: mileage reimbursement, lodging (if necessary), etc.
    2. Scheduling is dependent upon HSLC training staff availability and season/weather.
    3. There must be a minimum of 20 participants. (System or District-wide training or School District in-service events are preferred.)
    4. For an in-person event, the training must be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours.
    5. Webinars: Webinars may be provided in lieu of in-person events. Webinars may be scheduled for less than 2 hours.

  • Contact Information

  • Audience

  • Training Format Preference (At this time, only virtual training is offered.)

  • Date and Time

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  • Training Selection (Select at least one)

  • Technical Requirement/Support

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