Islandora Migration Update

Attention Teachers: Educational Materials

  • PA Photos and Documents Primary Source Set: Civil War Primary Sources [PDF]
  • Teaching and Learning with Primary Sources [PDF]
  • TrueFLIX titles with Primary Sources [PDF]

Getting Started!

Do you want to participate in PA Photos and Documents? Learn about what PA Photos and Documents provides your library and submit an application.

  • Digitization, Tips, Considerations and More
  • Copyright and Fair Use Considerations
  • Privacy Considerations
    • Regarding Yearbooks
      • High school yearbooks are embargoed for four years after the date of publication in order to protect the privacy of minors.  Descriptive information is still available for yearbooks within this time frame. The following note is present in each relevant yearbook record:  “Online viewing of images in this yearbook is restricted until June [year] due to privacy concerns around the depiction of minors. For more information, or to view the original yearbook, please contact the contributing institution directly.”   Annually (during the first week of June) HSLC staff will release any yearbook for which an embargo is expiring and send a confirmation email to the collection manager for that yearbook’s collection.
    • Oral Histories [Link to be added later]
  • Creating your First Digital Collection
    • Submit a collection application for each digital collection that your library needs.
      • We strongly recommend that you group similar items into one collection for each type, such as historic photographs, postcards, yearbooks,
  • Learn about the PA Photos and Documents software
    • Watch our online video series [To be added later]
  • Populating your First Digital Collection
    • Your credentials for accessing your collection will be sent to you once it is ready.
    • HSLC Support staff will ask you for your institution’s logo if we do not already have it.
    • Refer to the production PaPD Islandora Getting Started Guide [PDF] 
    • Add 2-3 items to your first collection. HSLC will help you check those items for accuracy.
    • HSLC will make your collection live, and you can add to it as you wish!
    • Submit additional collection applications anytime you need.
    • Contact HSLC Support at when needed.
  • Resources for preparing your metadata and uploading your files
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