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Attention K12 School Librarians: Single Sign-On for Remote Access is available for Google and Clever!

Google SSO Schools: Icon Enhancement Available!

Looking to make it easier for your students to access POWER Library e-resources from home? Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication is now available for school districts using Google or Clever as their SSO platform.

SSO eliminates the need for students to enter library card or eCard numbers. Please read the below Q&A for eligibility, requesting SSO, and more!

How does my school qualify for access to POWER Library via SSO?
All schools in your district must participate in the POWER Library to be eligible for SSO.

What will it cost my school to make SSO available?
There will be no separate fee to add public school district SSO authentication. However, each school in your district must participate in POWER Library. If your school(s) serve economically distressed communities, please contact us at to discuss discount options. There is a small annual fee for private schools to add SSO authentication.

What does it take to implement SSO?
The HSLC Network Services Team will work with you and your I.T. staff to implement SSO. It’s estimated to take around 30 minutes of time from your I.T. staff to perform their actions.

How do I request SSO for my school?
If you meet the following criteria:

  1. Technology Support Fee for 2020-2021 is paid
  2. Your entire district participates in POWER Library
  3. You use Google or Clever as your SSO platform

Please submit a request to

How does a school participate in POWER Library?
Complete and submit the appropriate sections of the POWER Library application [PDF].

How do we pay our annual Technology Support Fee?
If you need a copy of your invoice, please check with your district office or contact us at The option to pay by credit card is available at:
HSLC’s W-9 is available at:

How does implementing SSO affect local e-resource usage statistics?
If your school elects to implement SSO, your school will not receive local usage statistics for any activity via SSO.

What if my school uses Microsoft?
HSLC will begin development on SSO using Microsoft in the future. Please keep an eye on the Access Pennsylvania News for announcements regarding the availability of SSO via Microsoft.

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