SHAREit Software Update

SHAREit Software Update (02/2017) [PDF]

Auto-Graphics will be updating SHAREit on Tuesday, February 28, beginning at 10pm EST. Although Auto-Graphics reserves up to three hours for the update, past experience is that it will not take the full time. Two new functions will be added and two existing functions will be improved.

New: Blocked Lender List
A new lender list called Blocked Lenders has been added to the Participant Record and will display below the System Wide list. Library codes added to this lender list will be blocked from being automatically added to the library’s lender list even though they are in System Wide list. Library staff may still manually add one or more of these blocked lenders to a Blank ILL Request if they wish and they would receive the request. The Blocked Lenders list will start out as blank for all users unless lenders are manually added to the list.

New: Blocked Lender ListNew: Stayed Too Long Report
A new report has been added to the ILL Statistics menu. It allows the staff to select a library role (Borrower or Lender), a status and a time period (number of days) and run a report to locate requests that may have languished in that status for a long time. This will allow a user to get a picture of traffic workflow, and potentially to move or nudge things along.

New: Stayed Too Long Report -1









Improved: Passwords
Previously, SHAREit passwords only allowed alphanumeric characters and the only allowed special character was the underscore (_). Passwords can now contain the following special characters for additional security: @ $ * ^ [ ] | & ‘ “ # ! ( ) { } / \

Improved: Expanded Staff Email Alerts
Previously, a library could choose to receive staff email notifications for NEW incoming requests (AWAITING APPROVAL for Borrowers / PENDINg for Lenders), or to receive staff email notifications for ALL status changes. There was no way to configure notifications for just some status changes. Now SHAREit can be configured to send staff email notifications for selected status changes. Previous options to get ONLY NEW or ALL borrowing or lending notifications have been removed in favor of clickable options to choose from among the available status notifications.

Note that a library’s current email notification settings will be honored. For example, if a library previously had only NEW notifications set, then those corresponding NEW checkboxes will be set in this new configuration; if a library previously had ALL notifications set, then all borrower and/or lender notifications will now be checked.

After the update, libraries that had previously configured Staff Email Notifications, may want to check their Participant Record to be sure that the desired notifications and staff email address have carried over to the new release.

Staff Email Notifications